As one of very few soccer schools, we have specialised in the position of the goalkeeper!
Our coaches are all former professionals and/or qualified goalkeeping coaches with international experience.

The goalkeeper game has changed in the last few years in such a way that it has become more and more complex for the person between the posts. The goalkeeper should be able to direct, play along, intercept balls, run the ball, be able to play the ball with both feet, always be physically tense and present and, incidentally, he should also be able to stop balls. To meet these requirements, it is essential to offer goalkeeper-specific and goalkeeper-individual training. Such training can ensure that our goalkeepers are trained professionally and according to the latest standards of goalkeeping.

In order to realise this, our goalkeepers go through an age-appropriate and individual training program. It is divided into basic, advanced and performance areas. In all areas, aspects of goalkeeping are learned, which can be broken down as follows:

  • Goalkeeper-specific basic techniques
  • Goalkeeper-specific soccer techniques
  • Goalkeeper specific tactics
  • Athletics
  • Coordination / cognitive skills
  • Mental training
  • Movement sequences
  • Automation technologies

Top-class, international coaches. Sophisticated training concepts for a sustainable learning success are available to our students in the respective base trainings and goalkeeping camps!

Goalkeepers are welcome at each camp, but at the camps listed below, there is a separate training program for boys and girls!


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