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The Tecnofutbol soccer school has set itself the goal of promoting talented and soccer-enthusiastic young players. For this reason, Tecnofutbol offers additional soccer training under professional supervision at various locations in Austria. The highly qualified coaches come to the respective partner clubs once a week and train in manageable groups players who are particularly ambitious and see soccer as more than just a hobby.


Talent has to be encouraged. Ambitious players should be supported in the best possible way to live their passion. Professional coaches should encourage the players individually and support them in their athletic development. However, the joy of sport and enthusiasm for soccer always have to come first.

In doing so, the soccer school, independent of clubs, always acts in the interest of the players.


Young soccer players often face difficulties that prevent them from developing their athletic potential. Many players want to train more often than their home club can offer. However, there often is a lack of professional coaches, who are essential for any further development. This is where Tecnofutbol comes into play. Qualified, experienced coaches from Austria,England, Spain and Germany complement the club training of partner clubs and thus support young talents.


Our coaches, who are from Austria,England, Spain and Germany, have a high quality, professional coach education. Some of them also draw their knowledge from their experiences in their former professional careers. They now use this expertise to motivate young soccer players and train them according to their talent and age. Of course, respect, fairness and team spirit cannot be neglected. However, the most important thing when working with children and young people is always that, far from any pressure to perform, the joy and fun of soccer is at the heart of their work.


The Tecnofutbol Soccer School always strives to help soccer players realise their dream of becoming a professional soccer player. Of course, we cannot guarantee that such a dream will come true. To become a professional requires years of hard work. Concentrated training, discipline, talent and health must work together in the best possible way. Through structured training with trained coaches and through the experience that the players can gain as members of the Seleccion in international tournaments, Tecnofutbol provides indispensable foundation stones on the way to becoming a professional soccer player.


Our football school currently offers additional training for ambitious players at xy locations in Austria, Germany and now also in Greece. The training units take place once a week and last 90 minutes each. If a unit is canceled, an appropriate replacement date will of course be offered. The football fields and halls are provided by our partner clubs.
The monthly membership amounts to 65 euros per child regardless of the club membership. The membership is cancelable at any time.
The first trial training is free and is intended to give you a try. After the trial training there will be a brief information meeting. Of course, our coaches are always ready to deal with the concerns of the players and their parents.

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Tecnofutbol regularly offers football camps. These take place not only at selected bases in Austria, but can also be booked by associations. The Tecnofutboltrainer then come to the sports facility and practice the existing camp concept on site. As a result, the associations incur little or no effort and in this way they promote their own offspring. The acceptable costs are 209 euros per participant.

In addition, there are regular international football projects in Spain, Greece and Malta.

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