Business Club

The idea

We have many traders in the large Tecnofutbol family. It is our goal to bundle the economic forces in and around the Tecnofutbol family. Together instead of alone.

We introduce you to each other. Player parents become business partners.

Heurige, winegrowers, restaurant operators, programmers, producers of various products, musicians, hoteliers and many other sectors are currently in our environment.

It would be nice if, for example. Restaurant operators would purchase their wine from our vintners, musicians would have our programmers’ homepage maintained, etc. etc. … just to give a few examples.

How does the Business Club work?

Our new Tecnofutbol APP will have its own “Business Club” section. Furthermore, registered companies / companies are listed on our homepage in order to be able to network with one another in a simple and uncomplicated manner.

Joint events

It is important to us that the Business Club meets once or twice a year. On the one hand to get to know each other personally and on the other hand to be able to present your own products or repertoire.

What are the costs involved?

Membership in the Business Club is free.

What does Tecnofutbol get out of it?

Tecnofutbol benefits from sustainability and a further bond (in addition to training your own children) between parents and the football school. Tecnofutbol would also benefit from sponsorship through the Business Club.

Better prices, direct contacts and a photo at Tecnofutbol stimulate purchasing power!

Of course it would be great if there were special discounts within the Business Club. This is not an obligation, but a nice idea to generate a competitive advantage.

If a deal has been concluded, we look forward to a short photo of it. To stay with the example of the Heurigen / Restaurant: Send us a photo of your stay, we will publish it. It’s nice when a common idea or a common network works.

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